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This dorky up there is Park Jungsoo. He is my bias. He is Super Junior's leader. The best leader ever. He have dimples. Cute one !!! I'm so in love with him. He is mine. Not yours :P Change this nonsense with anything about your own bias or other thing. You better do ! Because Teukki is my bias :P


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Sunday, 18 December 2011| 0 comments

Heey Sweet Stalker ! Eh Hunny ?! Benda apa tu ? Bukan Boipren Ok --'' !Hunny Ni Kucing Saya laah ^_^ Mesti Korang tanya kenapa nama hunny ? Okaymcm ni Tahun Lepas sis saya beli hunny . Apek tu kata hunny perempuan so bagi lah hunny . Then Dalam Satu Minggu Tu Kami Gromming sikit . Ternyata Hunny Tu LELAKI !
''Teperanjat Boboi'' <----- Suka Ayaat Tuu Hehe . Then My sis kataa Tak pa lah Panggil Je Hunny Hew Hew Then Aku Kataa Ye laah --'' Hee ~ So Nak tengok Dk Hunny Aku ? Ha Ni Diaa !

                                     Tengok Kucing Kitee Pandai Baca Darri Awak
Atoto Kesian Kan awak letih sampai tidur macam tuu Hehew   

Tengok Ni Video Dia tengah main untaa ! Dia Ni suka Ambik Baraang Orngg ! Grr Geram Jugak Bila Ambik barang orng nk cari suka BTW I Still love him  
That the story stalker byee :*