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You and I
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This blog is belong to Your name. Please don't remove credit if you're using my skin. I would really appreciate if you keep the credit. No spamming, copying and ripping, okay? This icon up there is IU. She is cute, right? Hihi I know. You can replace it with your own icon or picture if you want to. The source of the icon is HERE. Okay, remove this stupid nonsense with your short bio.
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This dorky up there is Park Jungsoo. He is my bias. He is Super Junior's leader. The best leader ever. He have dimples. Cute one !!! I'm so in love with him. He is mine. Not yours :P Change this nonsense with anything about your own bias or other thing. You better do ! Because Teukki is my bias :P


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Andy Sixx ♥,♥
Friday, 16 December 2011| 0 comments

Hello People . Okay Hari Ni Nak citer tentang Andy Sixx  Dia Ni Handsome Gila Dan Cutee Gilaaa (: Btw Dia Ni Emo Juga tp tetap chumil auww ;) *Mengatai lala ~~ HAHA . Okay Dia  Ni Dalam Group Black Veil Brides Shit ILOVETHISGUYSOMUCH ...